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What Do You Serve A Smurf?

I was recently invited to go down to Channel 12 studios and cook with The Smurfs! Really, the SMURFS! SO... what do you make for a Smurf ? Since blue is the Smurfs favorite color, I thought I could make something with blueberries. I know my family loves when I make blueberry pie, but I also know I don’t always have time to make this dessert. When blueberries are in season, and I get in that “blueberry pie mood” this is the recipe I turn to. Quick and easy, the hardest part is waiting for these bars to cool! The buttery crust is the perfect base for the sweet and tart filling made with Greek yogurt and a touch of cinnamon. When you have the Smurfs visit, make this "Smurfy delicious dessert" everyone is sure to enjoy!

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