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Valentine's Day S'more Kit


This year for Valentine’s Day, instead of the same plain card and candy, my daughter will be handing out homemade cards with a special s’more kit attached! These S’mores are not your typical recipe with graham crackers. Instead this treat features the flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry! This Valentine’s Day gift is sure to be a sweet surprise your children and their friends will love!



  • 80 vanilla wafer cookies

  • 40 strawberry flavored heart shaped marshmallows

  • 40 chocolate candy kisses or hugs

  • 20 sandwich size zipper bags or small treat boxes

  • 20 instruction tags (wording for instructions are included below)

  • 20 Valentine’s Day greeting (wording for greeting are included below)

  • Assorted pieces of scrapbooking paper

  • Decorative scrapbooking items to decorate Valentine’s Day card

  • Hole punch

  • ribbon



  1. In each bag or box, include 4 cookies, 2 heart shaped marshmallows, 2 kisses and an instruction slip. If using a baggie, cut a piece a paper large enough to cover zipper and attach.

  2. Add Valentine’s Day greeting of your choice and embellish with any desired decorations. If using a small treat box, print greeting and attach to a paper heart.

  3. Using a hole punch, make a hole at the top of the heart and insert ribbon. Tie heart to the box.

  4. Makes 20 kits




Valentine’s Day Greeting Suggestions for S’more Kit



I know you,

the “SMORE”

I like you!


I Love You


everyday Valentine!


I like you


than ever



Instruction slip for S’mores Kit



Place two cookies on a microwave safe plate. On top of each, place unwrapped candy kiss followed by a heart shaped marshmallow. Microwave for 30 seconds or until marshmallow is melted. Top with the remaining two cookies, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day treat!




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