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"Cool Chicks!"



My daughter and I have had so much fun creating these adorable little chicks. We even had her girlfriends over for a “chick party.” The girls had a blast coming up with their own chick styles. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of giving old socks a new life. You can also purchase new springtime socks just anywhere at this time of year. Look for socks that don’t have too much pattern, they tend to work the best. This is a great time to use old buttons and odd and end craft supplies. How about making a chick for everyone in your family and have it resemble their personality? The possibilities are endless!


Supply List

  • Assorted plastic Easter eggs

  • Various children’s spring colored socks, great time to recycle those lost socks!

  • Pipe cleaners or stiff wire

  • Glue gun or quick dry tacky glue

  • Colored foam sheets

  • Googly eyes

  • Foam stickers, flowers, ribbon or any other decorative items




  1. Usually on the bottom of every plastic egg, you will find 2 small holes. This is where we will attach our legs.

  2. Thread wire or pipe cleaners through the holes to create chicken legs.Place egg in either the heel or toe of sock. Decide if you would like the opening around the legs or tail feathers.

  3. Place egg in the sock pulling sock tightly around egg.

  4. Pinch sock together and cut leaving about ¼ inch.

  5. Hot glue ends together.To decorate and add personality, glue on googly eyes and add feathers in the back for tail. Maybe you will add feathers for wings or a little tuft on top of your chicks head.

  6. Cut out diamond shape, and cut or fold in half to create a beak.

  7. Cut out wings if desired and attach with glue.

  8. You can create Easter baskets, Easter bonnets…anything you can imagine with the craft foam. Use flowers, sticker, ribbon and sequins to add some pizazz. Have fun giving your little “Cool Chicks” some personality!


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