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Spoon Flower Mirror



  • 16 inch card board circle (I used a Wilton cake circle from a craft store)

  • 6 -8 inch circle mirror (I choose one with beveled edges for a finished look)

  • 1 soda tab from a soda can

  • 1 metal paper brad

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • 80-90 CLEAR plastic spoons

  • Wire cutters

  • Spray paint-color of your choice



Position mirror in the center of card board circle and trace around it for reference.

Using a pair of wire cutters (I found this works the best!) snap off the bottom portion of your spoons. I used clear spoons so I did not have to worry about painting the back side. Do not worry if spoon ends are not cut perfectly straight, they will not show in the final project.











































Create a small hole in the top of your card board circle with a pair of scissors. Insert a  metal brad through the hole of the soda tab on the back side of the card board, folding back wings of brad on the front to create the hanger. Tack down with a dollop of hot glue if needed.



























Place a dot of hot glue close to the edge of card board circle. Avoid creating a line a glue, this will show in the end. Position the spoon so half of it extends beyond the circle. Glue spoons side by side, overlapping a bit if necessary to fit the circumference.

Continue gluing the next row, making sure to position spoons so they cover ends of the first row of spoons.

You will need four rows of spoons. Make sure the last row extends into the circle you drew for the mirror so it will cover the edges of your spoons.

Spray paint your project in a well ventilated area. Make sure to cover the cardboard for a professional look.

Using your hot glue gun, position the mirror in the center and glue in place. Using your hanger on the back of mirror, hang on the wall and enjoy your new look!















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