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Inkjet Photo Transfers on Canvas

This project is a great way to put an artistic spin on your photos. Create artsy, weathered looking pieces of art in no time at all! Dress up your walls with a collection of these stylized canvases, and display them together for an interesting focal point in your home. This is a quick, easy and inexpensive family project; even the kids can do it with great success!
Here is what you will need:
-Inkjet printed photos or images of your choice on plain computer paper. Very important, never use laser printed images, the ink will not transfer!
-Stretched canvas. Easily found at your craft store in assorted sizes
-Matte gel medium
-foam brush
-a rubber spatula, spoon or old credit card
-damp terry cloth towel

Here is how to create your masterpieces:
1. Select photo on your computer. Chose crisp photos with clean lines. Pump up the color and saturation for best results.
2. Using your foam brush, apply a thin coat of gel medium on top of canvas. Brush in both directions to create a smooth surface.
3. Place photo, ink side down into gel medium.
4. Burnish, or press photo into the gel using a spatula, spoon or old credit card.
5. Let photo sit for about 5 minutes to transfer.
6. Carefully peel back paper to reveal your artsy image.
7. Let dry for 1 hour. Using a damp rag, carefully remove any unwanted paper. Be careful not to remove too much. Your results should look aged and rustic.

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