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How to Paint Your Own Tea Set
























Years ago when my daughter was young, I decided to host a tea party for her birthday. I soon ran into a problem. I could not find a tea set with enough tea cups for the 12 girls I invited. I also found that the size of the teacups were too small or too big for the young girls. All I could find was expensive cups made for adults. This is when I decided to just make them on my own! I purchased white cappuccino cups from an import store and a solid white teapot. (I also could have purchase these online as well if I had the time!) I purchased paints at my local craft store to decorate the cups. This was quite easy and inexpensive to do, much cheaper than going to those “paint your own pottery” places. I now have a keepsake that my daughter can hopefully one day give to her daughter.


Suggested Supplies

  • -Solid cups, saucers and a tea pot. I prefer white

  • -Assorted paint, approved for painting glass, ceramics or tile

  • -Prep solution recommended by paint manufacturer-paint brushes, Q-Tips and toothpicks

  • -paper plates to use as a paint palette


Painting Tips

-There are several paint manufactures that sell appropriate paint for your tea set available at any craft store. Clean and prep as directed on packaging. Follow instructions for curing paint. Some paint requires some oven time. Some is cured after waiting for 10 days.


-You can achieve beautiful results by using simple toile painting techniques. Dip a rounded tip paintbrush into desired color, then dip just the tip into some white paint. Place brush on cup where you would like to start your flower. Push brush into cup and pull off. This will make a petal. Continue in a circle until you create a flower. To create a center, use a Q-Tip dipped into paint. Place in the center of flower and turn clockwise. Practice on a piece of paper first. There are many books available at your craft store to help with this method.


-If working with children, or painting is not your thing, just paint using a Q-Tip. Connect dots to make lines and patterns. Arrange dots together to create flowers. Toothpicks also work great for small detail dots.


--Don’t like your design? No problem! Just wash off with water before curing. If paint still will not come off, use the side of a razor blade to scrape off paint.


-Add a bit of bling! I love to embellish with rhinestones and flat backed pearls found in the jewelry section in the craft section. Use a toothpick and some E-600 to adhere. Only hand wash these items.- Even though some paint manufactures say it is safe to machine wash, I always hand wash. Never soak hand painted glasses in water! I found this out the hard way!


-This idea also works on wine glasses and plates. When painting, do remember to paint on areas that will not touch food. This has been a fun project to do with even the boys. They have each created their own pizza plate. I have also used this technique to create Holiday glasses with friends at a girl’s night out party.





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