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Quick and Easy Baked Crab Rangoon!

When I am invited to a party, I always want to bring something that is a showstopper, something everyone will like! It needs to be easy, fit my budget and of course be beautiful to present. Now that is a long list to fill, but I came up with the perfect solution!

Crab Rangoon are one of my favorite treats. I love everything about them, the cream cheese, the crab, and of course the crispy fried wonton. I decided to turn this recipe into a lighter version, served as bite size pieces so they are easy to eat. My recipe uses Challenge Neufchatel Cheese, your choice of crab meat, and a baked shell that gives that crunch you expect. I then give it a Southwestern twist with a dollop of pepper jelly.

Next time you open that party invitation, reach for this recipe. Be the hit of the party with this clever twist on a classic recipe.

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