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Brown Butter No-Churn Ice Cream

I can still remember just how good my Grandmother’s vanilla ice cream tasted. We would start early in the morning and make the custard full of eggs, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla. We would fill the old fashioned churn with rock salt and crank the ice cream by hand. This was truly a labor of love, something I remember fondly.

When I want to entertain, I try to keep things easy and simple. I still believe there is a great value in churning ice cream by hand. That requires time and special equipment, something that I don’t always have. So when I read a recipe for no-churn ice cream, I got excited! When I actually tried it, I became less enthused. The secret to no-churn ice cream was to eliminate as much water as possible to achieve the creamy results you want in ice cream. That means a rich, full fat recipe! I knew I could do better. I got busy and made 5 different recipes to discover the perfect method.

It is time to create the taste of summer, no churn needed, just great ingredients!

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