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One Skillet Wonder-Mexican Chicken and Rice Skillet

Would you believe you could make dinner from start to finish in 30 minutes? Not only that, the entire meal would be assembled, cooked and served in just one skillet. I do mean everything, chicken, veggies and creamy rice. A complete meal for four in just one pan!

I know everyone is very busy these days. It is so tempting just to go through the drive through or prepare something pre-made from the freezer section when your days are rushed. With just a few ingredients, you can still have that convenience with this easy recipe. Using this quick cooking method, the chicken stays juicy and tender with lots of flavor. I used Challenge Dairy’s Salsa Cream Cheese Spread to give a rich and creamy texture to the rice that is loaded with vegetables. To finish this dish, a cheesy corn tortilla topping gives it some extra Mexican flair and crunch.

Redefine fast food with this all in one skillet dinner. Easy preparation, easy clean-up and less time in the kitchen, you couldn’t ask for more! This recipe might sound too good to be true, so I guess you will have to try it and see for yourself how quick and easy this recipe is to make. The whole family will love this dish, especially you!

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