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Italian Stuffed Zucchini

Zucchini bread, zucchini chips, grilled zucchini and stir fry. It seems like this little green vegetable has become an ol’ standby, used by many in the summer! This easy to grow veggie seems to be quite abundant in hot weather months, and many are looking for a new way to serve this surplus vegetable.

This year’s goal for my family was to bring a wider variety of vegetables to our dinner table. I want my family to know the importance of fresh vegetables and quality ingredients like Challenge Dairy products. I believe that happy cows feed all day long on grass, bask in the summer sun and are not given hormones. Challenge Dairy feels the same way, they believe in happy cows too! They maintain high standards and create products that I am excited to serve to my family. This is why I like to include them in my everyday meals as a healthy addition to my recipes.

This recipe has a surprise savory filling of cream cheese, lean Italian sausage and summer vegetables. I added a buttery Parmesan topping to add some crunch –my families favorite part!

Adding healthy options to your family’s routine has never been easier. Make vegetables the star of your dinner table by adding the goodness of Challenge Dairy to your recipes. Happy cows, happy family!

For the recipe, click here!

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