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Ham and Asparagus Pastries with Cream Cheese-The Perfect Treat for Mom!

How do I know Mother’s Day is around the corner here in Arizona? The first sign is the saguaro cactus start to bloom-a magnificent sight to see! The dessert is full of blooms, dessert bunnies are everywhere and the coyotes start howling at night. The temperature starts to creep up and we know summer is on its way. The perfect time of year to celebrate Mom!

Typically I spend the week before Mother’s Day doing intense yard work, and planting summer flowers so I can lay back and relax in the pool and admire my hard work. A day out of the kitchen, hanging out by the pool without a care in the world. That is what I consider the perfect Mother’s Day!

Ok, the truth is I feel a bit guilty just laying back and relaxing. This is not something I get to do too often. To make things a bit easier, I like to suggest easy ideas for meals. This recipe I am posting is one of my favorites. It is something that anyone can make to impress their Mom. These pastries are delicious and only take a small amount of time to make. They are great for breakfast, lunch or even at dinner. For an extra special presentation, I also created some lovely tomato tulips stuffed with Challenge Cream Cheese to decorate the plate. Edible flowers at their finest!

So go ahead and start hinting to your family now. Find a way to get this recipe to them so you too can enjoy a relaxing day doing what you enjoy the most. Happy Mother’s Day!

(Note to my family: If you reading this, I would like this for breakfast-hint, hint!)

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