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Vegetable Garden with Avocado Garden Dipping Sauce

I am so tired of the same ol’ veggie tray. Everyone serves one at their party complete with ranch dressing-not very original! I thought it was time to shake things up a bit, and present those fresh veggies in a new way with a delicious dip straight from the farm.

I created a very simple platter made from a piece of wood from the craft store. A quick spray of sealer, a few holes and nails, and you have a unique way to present those veggies that doubles as a center piece!

A modern presentation deserves an up-to-date dipping sauce, one that does not come from a bottle. I used Challenge Dairy’s rich and creamy Whipped Cream Cheese Spread as my base and added Greek yogurt, fresh aromatic vegetables and the goodness of a fresh avocado. A touch of lemon and fresh basil makes this the perfect complement to the veggie garden.

So dump the ranch and head for the garden. It is time to recreate the veggie platter and make it as incredible and fresh as the vegetable we serve. This fresh modern take on the old standard will certainly make an impression at your next party! Click here for the recipe

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