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Chocolate Almond Cookie Boxes for Valentine’s Day

I do believe the popularity of Valentine’s Day was created by the card companies. But that’s alright, because it is one of my favorite times of the year. This is the perfect day to surprise people who are important in your life. It is a great time for random acts of kindness!

I like to make special treats for the ones I love for Valentine’s Day. During Christmas this year, I started noticing these cute little cookie boxes perfect for gift giving and I thought they would be extra sweet made into heart shapes for Valentine’s Day. I consider chocolate to be the “flavor of Valentine’s Day, “so I created chocolate almond dough that was delicious yet sturdy enough to create a box.

These little edible gift boxes are the perfect way to give your sweetheart something special. Remember, good things come in small packages! Why not fill them with candy, a sweet message, concert tickets or even a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. Whether it is your favorite co-worker, your “bestie” or loved one, they are sure to be surprised with the effort you put into this unique gift.

Surprise someone you care about this year with a special gift from the heart. Something chocolate, unique and “oh so tasty,” with a tiny little surprise tucked inside. Give your heart away to the ones you love!

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