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When Life Gives You Lemons-Make Triple Citrus Bars!

I remember spending much of my summers in Michigan deciding what to do with the great abundance of zucchini we would get from our garden. This vegetable would be cleverly added to every recipe. Chili sauces, pasta sauce and yes, zucchini bread became a staple in our house.

Here in Arizona where I now live, we have an abundance of citrus. We literally have bushels of oranges, limes and lemons we harvest from our trees every year. Citrus is the new “zucchini!” Yes, I still do the same thing. I put citrus in almost every recipe I make. I make lemon sauces, fresh squeezed orange juice, and especially Triple Citrus Bars.

I decided to embrace the vast amount of citrus we grow and use them in one dessert. Limes, lemons and oranges are all stars in these sweet and tart dessert bars. For the crust, I decided to try something new this time. I used Challenge Dairy’s new Lactose-free Spreadable Butter to create the shortbread crust. Challenge Dairy is the first to introduce a lactose-free butter to the market making it possible for people everywhere to enjoy butter. It has the same delicious taste and is made with high quality ingredients, just like their traditional butter. I thought I would give it a try, and my family loved the rich, buttery taste it gave my bars.

Today, zucchini bread has been replaced with Triple Citrus Bars and Lactose-free butter has replaced my traditional butter in some of my recipes. What has not changed is the challenge of what to do with the large amounts of home grown fruits and vegetables, and the love that goes into creating new recipes for my family to enjoy!

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