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Keep Your Cool with Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream Cake This Summer!

When I think back to my childhood, I remember waiting for the ice cream truck to roll down our street. There were so many choices, it was hard to decide. Nine times out of ten, I would wind up choosing the same thing, an orange creamsicle! I loved the frosty taste of the orange layer wrapped around the delicious creamy center. As a child, creamsicles were the taste of summer.

When I decided to make the ultimate summer dessert for my family, I wanted to include these flavors. I created an ice cream cake that is so beautiful and easy to make. I started with a cake layer that is moist and full of orange flavor. I wanted the next two layers to be rich and creamy, and to taste like a creamsicle. To do this, I knew I needed good quality ingredients. Challenge Cream Cheese is always my cream cheese of choice for many reasons. First, I think the texture is superior to any other cream cheese product on the market. Challenge Dairy does not use additives or fillers in their cream cheese, they pride themselves on using high quality ingredients to deliver a velvety texture. Next, they use only fresh milk and cream from local California dairies. They actually make the cream cheese and get it into stores in 24 hours which I find amazing! This level of quality is what I look for when making a decadent dessert, and it is secret to my baking success.

If you dreaming about creating a dessert that tastes like summer, you must give this recipe a try! A cool summer treat full of real ingredients, amazing creamy texture and real summer flavor! Click here for the complete recipe!

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