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"My Dad is My HERO!" A Hero Sandwich with Champion Cheese Spread

In our house, we know that super heroes don’t always wear capes and tights and fly through the air. Nope, sometimes heroes wear shorts and t-shirts and drive a truck. Our hero can fix the computer and help with homework in a single bound. He flys through the air to be by our side when we fall. No project is too complicated; he can fix it and make it better than new. He is a counselor, a taxi driver and occasionally my sous chef and dish washer. His strong arms give the best hugs, and he always seems to have a tissue to wipe away the tears. In good times and bad, we know his super powers will always be there to guide us all. In our house, Dad is our Super-Hero!

Father’s Day is soon upon us, so it is time to start thinking about how we can honor him. We have decided to make him something he really loves to eat, a giant Hero sandwich! Now this sandwich is far from ordinary. I went the extra mile and baked my own buttery topped bread (shhh…with the help of frozen bread dough!) Nothing sets the mood like fresh baking bread; you know something good is coming when you smell it baking!

I then create an extraordinary savory cheese spread full of Italian flavors that give this sandwich a big kick of yum! To add the crowning glory, I made my own pickled onions. Pickling the onions takes away the harshness and delivers a savory sweet and tangy flavor. Put all of these items together with Italian deli meat, and you have one incredible sandwich!

This year, use your super powers to make this awesome Hero sandwich. Tell Dad he is your idol and make his day extra special with this fabulous sandwich! Click here for the recipe

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