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How to Flavor, Not Salt! Italian Stuffed Chicken Roulades with Balsamic Drizzle and Roasted Vegetab

As an avid home cook, I rely on salt to boost and accentuate the flavors in my food. It is hard to take that away from me. But as people live longer and contract new health problems, more and more people have to restrict sodium from their diet. This is certainly a challenge, but you soon realize how much salt is in everything we eat. It is definitely an eye opening exercise to take salt out of your diet; I have tried to look at this as a challenge!

I helped care for my brother-in –law during the last few months of his life. He was quite ill and had to follow a low sodium diet. Since he was living with us, I had to create meals the whole family would enjoy. I realized that you can’t simply just take out sodium, that just leaves you with a bland boring meal. Instead, you have to add something back and create flavor. I produced a whole book of recipes, one of my favorites I am sharing with you today!

Here are a few tips I learned along the way to cut the sodium out of your diet!

  • Rely on concentrated flavors! I love to reduce balsamic vinegar to create sauces with bold flavors. Look at salt free sundried tomatoes for savory flavor and dried fruits.

  • Roasting vegetables helps develop and concentrate flavors. After roasting, drizzle with melted Challenge Butter, fresh garlic and herbs. This is a great way to get anyone to eat their veggies!

  • There are many salt-free blends on the market to consider, but sometimes just adding dried herb blends can create more flavor. Dried herbs are best during cooking; fresh herbs are great for garnishes. The fragrant aromas add flavor and make food much more inviting!

  • Cook food in flavor. Poach or braise in low salt or no salt broths, herbs and aromatic vegetables. This will keep food moist and full of flavor

  • Take the time to brown meats and vegetables to develop flavor. Also consider cooking meats low and slow. This help flavors to penetrate the meat and boost the taste.

  • Flavor from the inside out! Stuff meats full of flavor to create great meals. Low fat Challenge Cream Cheese is a great base for a filling. Just add savory vegetables and herbs, and stuff into chicken, beef or pork.

  • Use good quality ingredients, they do make a difference. Always use real butter, not margarine to sauté and add flavor. Use Challenge Butter as a base for a sauce to create a flavor packed dish.

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