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Touchdown Pizza Fritters!

The truth is; I don’t like to watch sports. The only sporting events I go to are my children’s games. Even then, I am the one who needs coaching from my friends on the rules of the games, and a quick nudge to tell me when to clap! So you can imagine when we get invited to football parties I am less than inspired…unless good football food will be served. Then my spirits perk up and I am all in! Nothing is better than hanging out with good friends and good food!
One day I wanted to create something for a party, a bit more “gourmet” than plain ol’ pizza. I know that most people love Italian flavors and that became my inspiration. I have often made cream puffs and beignets. I combined the two concepts and added robust Italian flavors.
This recipe at first glance this recipe may seem intimating, but it is actually quite easily to make. I made them originally for football gathering, but they are also great to serve at your fanciest dinner party. Have fun experimenting with different cheeses and meats. You could try prosciutto and Manchego or even brie and country ham, the possibilities are endless! I must warn you, they can be quite addicting. Once you make them, you will be bringing them to every party in the future so make sure you are up to it! This recipe will score BIG points with your family and friends-touchdown! Click here for the recipe

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