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Hot Buttered Rum my way!

I remember the first time I heard about hot buttered rum, it sounded so festive and delicious. We were having a Christmas party and I thought I would serve it for a special drink. I was quite surprised when I found the recipe consisted of only a few simple ingredients. Suddenly did not sound so appealing, so bah-hum-bug! I had envisioned a decadent creamy concoction full of holiday flavor, not butter and water with a shot of rum! This is when I got thinking and realized that the answer was in my freezer! I added melted vanilla bean ice cream to the basic recipe and ta-da, my recipe was created! I served it at our party and it was a big hit. Vanilla beans, brown sugar and cinnamon stirred into a buttery creamy drink. I served the rum on the side so the children could also enjoy this “love in a cup” treat! My son who loves this concoction so much, bought a special dispenser for me to serve it in every year. He didn’t want to take any chances that I would forget to make it for him during the holidays.
Friends ever since that party have asked me for the recipe year after year. One holiday season I made gallons of it and packaged it in Mason jars to share as gifts. This year I am sharing the recipe with you! It really is a unique and delicious gift to give and a great holiday drink to serve at your next party. Give it a try and start a new tradition at your house! Click here for the recipe!

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