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Ginger Berry Tart

Fresh summer strawberries, juicy ripe blueberries and sun fresh oranges. These are some of my favorite summer time ingredients. In my opinion, the best way to showcase these warm weather beauties is to create a Ginger Berry Tart! I have been making this tart for years. In fact, I am not even sure where this recipe originated; it is now just part of my summer routine. It brings back memories of summer birthdays, backyard parties, family get-togethers and time spent with good friends. I love making this quick and easy desert not only because it is delicious, but it requires just a brief time in the oven, keeping your house cool in the hot summer months. The beautiful colors of the berries and the glistening gel top, are all that is needed to decorate this crowd pleasing desert. The buttery crust is packed full of gingersnaps and pecans which makes the perfect base for the creamy filling. Keep your cool with this summer with this light, creamy treat that is full of summer flavor-the perfect summertime dessert! For the complete recipe, Click here!

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