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The Perfect Mother's Day Recipe!

My Mother’s Day has always started with breakfast in bed. I can remember some days, I would wait for hours pretending to be asleep while my husband and children scurried around the kitchen making me the perfect breakfast. They would present a beautiful tray full of beautifully prepared goodies and gifts. I would pretend to wake up, unaware of all of the preparation going on in the kitchen and be surprised! I am not sure who had more fun. Was it me, or the children and my husband as they created the perfect breakfast? Still to this day, I cherish the gifts and the delicious meals that my children have made for me throughout the years for Mother’s Day. I thought I would share this perfect Mother’s Day recipe with you. Why buy a bouquet of flowers when you can create heart and flower shaped pancakes! These “Griddle Art” pancakes give your children an opportunity to create something extra special for Mother’s Day, while using their creativity in the kitchen. Whip up some of my delicious fresh Strawberry Honey Butter, and these pancakes become a real gourmet treat! I also share my delicious recipe for Homemade Buttery Maple Syrup. Once you give this syrup a try, you may never buy store bought syrup again. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day spent with your mother and your children. Hmm….I wonder what my kids will make me this year. I hoping for pancakes! Click here for the recipes!
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