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Loaded Italian Pull-Apart Bread

As a child, I remember having so much fun making monkey bread. Small pieces of dough rolled in butter and cinnamon sugar. Every holiday, we knew we would be making this delicious treat and would enjoy every moment. Today I thought it would be great to create a savory version of this recipe.

My family loves Italian food, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate these flavors to serve with pasta or even a salad for dinner. I started with the same theory, basic bread dough and butter. I then created pockets of cream cheese, parmesan, pepperoni and sundried tomatoes. The results were crazy good!

I really believe this will be a new family tradition. I know if I bring this to a family gathering or a pot luck dinner it will be the hit of the party. Monkey bread will still have a place in my heart, but when I need a savory companion to a meal-this recipe will be the ticket!

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