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Spider Web Pumpkin Soup with Spider Bites

In most areas of the country, fall is the introduction to the cold days that lay ahead. The smell of autumn, the colored leaves and the cool snap in the air is a reminder that winter is around the corner. That was true when I was a child growing up in Michigan. Now that I live in Arizona, things are a bit different. Autumn does not “fall” upon us; we have to bring it on!

One of the ways I bring autumn to our house is to get a jump start on Halloween and decorate from top to bottom. I make my Arizona home look like a picture from my childhood. You will find dried flowers, pumpkins, and faux colored leaves adorning every corner of my house. To tie it all together, and make the decor more convincing, the smell of pumpkin and spice is always in the air.

One of my favorite fall delights has always been making pumpkin soup. It is rich and creamy with the perfect amount of savory spices, and full of memories of cool crisp autumn days. I like to make this for my kids before they start their annual ‘trick-or-treating “adventure through the neighborhood. I feel that filling their tummies with a vitamin packed soup, somehow validates the major candy consumption during the day on Halloween. I created the Spider Bites to compliment the soup for a balanced meal and to add a bit of fun to the dinner menu.

Whether you have to bring Halloween to your doorstep, or it comes to you, your family will love this soup and sandwich creation. Fall into this tradition at your house!

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