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Strawberry Vanilla Bean Tiramisu

The heat is on! Ok, it is always on here in Arizona. Despite the heat, the weather is part of the reason I live here. I love the bright and sunny days; it just gets to be a bit much during the “dog days” of summer. Turning on the oven is not a popular option when it is so hot outside. I am always looking for light and delicious no-bake recipes to help beat the heat.

When Challenge Dairy introduced its new Strawberry Cream Cheese, my mind began to spin with new recipes and ideas. Because it is made with fresh strawberries and not processed with artificial color, I knew I could create incredible recipes that were oven-free!

I have always enjoyed traditional tiramisu for dessert. An Italian favorite made with lady fingers, mascarpone and coffee. While it is one of my favorites, I can’t say my children like the coffee flavor. I decided to use this concept, and combine it with strawberries to make a perfect no-bake dessert that everyone would enjoy. To really kick it up, I added another one of my favorite ingredients, vanilla bean! Little specks of flavor all whipped together with heavy cream, what’s not to like?

It is time to give your oven the vacation it deserves!. Break the baking habit and create a refrigerated treat the whole family will enjoy. Easy, breezy and full of fresh strawberries, a perfect dessert any time of the year! Click here for the complete recipe

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