• Suzanne Clark

“Dive-In” to Summertime Movie Nights!

I love the summer, but let’s face it, months of having the kids out of school can be quite challenging! Finding them new and exciting activities that don’t break the bank can be an even bigger task! A few years ago, our family started having movie night to help end the dog days of summer. To ramp up the fun, we decided to bring the movies outside and have “Dive-in-Movie” nights at the pool! It became the ultimate movie night. It is the perfect way to cool off and spend time with family and friends. If you are looking for a new and fun way to celebrate the summer and create your own “Dive-In,” here are some tips!

  • You don’t have a big screen to project a movie onto-no problem! A garage door can make a great screen and so can a sheet. We attach a large white sheet to our Gazebo or back porch using clothes pins. A sheet can also be attached to a chain link fence in the same way. If you have a block wall or backyard shed, attach the sheet using bricks or rocks as weights.

  • Did you know many party supplies companies will rent projectors and screens? Consult your local directory to find them. You may also consider bringing out your television set and placing it on a table for some night time fun. If you want to keep the movies inside, plan an intermission and let the kids take a run through the sprinklers or a dip in the pool.

  • Invite guests to bring their own raft to float in the pool while watching the movie. If you do not have a pool, guests can still lounge on the raft and get comfy in the grass. Consider setting up a kiddy pool to soak your feet and enjoy a Popsicle!

  • Treat your guests like stars! Roll out the red carpet, or rather a plastic tablecloth from a party store. Take pictures of your guests as they arrive for a fun keepsake. Provide fun props like sunglasses, a Hawaiian lei, or any other fun summer costumes.

  • Serve food you would find at the drive-in. Hot Dogs, popcorn and some special treats help to create the mood. Make them ahead of time and get the kids involved. To help you out with the menu, I have included the perfect recipes to make your night a success. Click Here for the recipe for Butter Toffee "Popcorn Cupcakes, and Click Here for the recipe for Mini Dogs with Butter Buns!


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