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Christmas Made Easy! Make-Ahead Spinach and Sausage Swirl Christmas Tree

Christmas morning should be joyful and full of surprises! I know I want to be enjoying my family on this fun filled morning, seeing what Santa has brought and opening presents. After all of the work I do to prepare for Christmas, I want to spend time under the Christmas tree, not in the kitchen!

Unless you figured out how to get your “Elf on The Shelf” to cook, I think you will appreciate this festive make-ahead recipe for Christmas morning. Create this in minutes on Christmas Eve, and bake it in the oven while you are unwrapping presents and working up an appetite in the morning. Only simple ingredients are needed, with a bit of Challenge Butter and Cream Cheese to make this an extra special breakfast you will be happy to wake up to!

With a little planning, you will have a breakfast that will soon become a tradition in your house. Consider this a holiday present from me to you. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

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