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No-Bake Banana Split Pie

When I was a young girl, my Uncle John had an ice cream shop in his convenience store. On weekends, my Dad would take us to his store in the summer. My uncle would let us make our own sundae or banana split. I can still see his smile as we made our own concoctions; he understood what a big treat this was for us. I felt so special, how exciting to create such a delicious and beautiful dessert all on my own!

I often think of those simple days and how much fun it was to visit my Uncle and his store. I decided to create a new version, and updated version of a banana split in honor of my Uncle John. This recipe is not only easy to make, it is the perfect way to end a delicious dinner. My family’s favorite part of the pie is the cookie crust. In fact as I worked on this recipe, I decided to double the ingredients for the crust because it was so delicious! As an option, I also found it fun to serve this pie without the toppings and let the kids (even the adults) decorate their slice the way they would like, just like I did at my Uncle’s ice cream shop!

This turns dessert into a fun activity and makes your dinner a festive event. Perfect for hot summer nights, or an activity at your child’s next birthday party! It’s not my Uncles ice cream shop, but for a moment I can feel like a child again!

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