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Very Berry Cheesecake

In my house, cheesecake rules! When it is your birthday it is not a matter of what cake you want, it is what flavor of cheesecake you want! Typically my Vanilla Bean Cheesecake wins, but this year, there is some serious new competition.

Since Challenge Dairy introduced their new Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread, I have had fun coming up with new ways to use it. To me cheesecake was an obvious choice. Inspired by the fresh strawberry taste, I blended this berry packed cream cheese with raspberry jam and whipped cream to create a light and creamy mousse topping for my traditional cheesecake. You will love the short grocery list and how easy it is to make. Your family will love the light and creamy taste bursting full of berry flavor. With this cheesecake, everybody wins!

Now you don’t have to tell anyone how easy this cake is to make, that can be our secret. Who knows, maybe this can be your new favorite cheesecake. This is definitely a recipe worth celebrating!

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