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Avocado Summer Fresh Salad

My life revolves around food. I am a brand ambassador, blogger, recipe developer, competitive cook and a weekly guest on a local television show. Basically I cook, eat and dream about food. I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love, but this lifestyle has taken its toll on my waistline. For me “dieting” is out of the question. All I can do is to make good choices when I can, and include good quality ingredients. Typically at lunch I attempt to eat a salad. But, I have eaten so many lately that they have become a bit boring. I knew it was time to spice things up a bit!

This summer, Challenge has introduced two incredible flavor-packed cream cheese spreads. The new Salsa variety was the inspiration for my new veggie creation. Challenge Cream Cheese has added bold and spicy flavors so there is less work for me to do! I whipped up a very light and creamy sauce full of flavor that is not your typical salad dressing. The idea was to use this as a base and pile on summer fresh vegetables to create a new version of a salad. This dish became a work of art and so beautiful that it is hard to resist. I can honestly say this new recipe has made it easy to pass up bad food choices, and make me look forward to a healthy vegetable packed lunch full of great flavors. Click here for the complete recipe!

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