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Peaches And Cream Stuffed French Toast

Every Sunday I like to make a special breakfast. I think it is a great way to kick off a new week and to spend time with my family. Anything that contains butter, cream cheese and fruit, is always a favorite at our house. Using these ingredients, I started making stuffed French toast that quickly became a Sunday tradition at our house. Everyone really enjoyed this treat, except for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love how it tasted, but I really did not enjoy the cleanup and the time it took to create this tedious family favorite. I knew there had to be a better way. That is when my creative mind started to turn and I came up with these super cute, ultra-tasty little stuffed French Toast. So what is my secret? I use a cupcake tin to create the perfect little bundle! Each cupcake well is lined with bread dipped into vanilla custard, and filled with a delicious peaches and cream filling. The best part is the buttery, crunchy topping that sits proudly on top of each bundle of joy. There is something decadent about having your own personal little treat all to yourself, breakfast gets extra special. These reheat beautifully and make a great addition to a Sunday brunch buffet. I like to make plenty and hope for leftovers. Just store them in your refrigerator, pop them into the microwave to reheat, and weekday mornings become a special occasion! Click here for the complete recipe

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