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How To Roast The Perfect Vegetables-Tips and Recipes!

As a Mom, I have always looked for interesting ways to get my kids to eat their veggies. For years I have made roasted potatoes. I have always drizzled them with olive oil and served them as a side dish. Good, but not great. I always wanted to create a crispy exterior, and a creamy interior. How do I get maximum flavor and a golden potato without frying?
One day I decided there had to be more to this roasting procedure and it was time to time to “think outside of the box.” I always put butter on my steamed veggies; why not try it when roasting. Well, that was the trick! I tried using Challenge Butter’s Spreadable Butter flavored with Olive oil instead of the old olive oil routine, and came up with the perfect way to roast veggies! I had potatoes full of flavor with a beautiful golden exterior bursting with flavor. With this knowledge, I started roasting just about every vegetable in site with great success. Soon my roasting obsession evolved into a delicious healthy soup. I use protein packed Greek yogurt and my delicious roasted vegetables to make a satisfying soup perfect for any occasion.
When you find something good, you just have to share it! Yep, you are one step away from being a vegetable fanatic just like me. I hope this recipe changes the way you cook and think about veggies! Click here for the recipe!

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