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Smoking Duck Taco with Devilishly Good Tortillas, Angelic Watermelon Salsa and Orange Cilantro Crema

Devilishly Good Tortillas

3 cups all-purpose flour

1.5 teaspoons salt

½ teaspoon of ground Mexican Cinnamon

3 tablespoons lard

4 chipotles in adobo, blended with 1 cup of water in blender


Angelic Watermelon Salsa

Seedless watermelon cut into 1/2 inch cubes

Red mango, cut into ½ inch cubes

1 avocado, cut into ½ inch cubes

1 /8 cup red onion, diced

1/8 cup fresh cilantro, diced

1 tablespoon diced jalapeño

1 lime, yield 2 tablespoon juice, 2 teaspoon zest

½ teaspoon salt


Orange Cilantro Crema

1 cup Mexican crema (sour cream can be substituted)

1 ½ teaspoons fresh orange zest

2 tablespoons finely diced cilantro

Smoking Duck

4 duck breasts, scored

2 teaspoon ground coriander

2 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoon chipotle powder

2 teaspoon salt

2 cups of small mesquite wood chips

1 teaspoon cinnamon stick pieces

3 dried Pasillo chili pods

1 tablespoon rice

2 teaspoons brown sugar



Place salt, cinnamon and flour in a large bowl. Use your fingers to crumble the lard into the flour mixture. Slowly add the blended chipotle mixture and cinnamon, mix well.

Place dough onto a flat surface and knead into a cohesive ball.

Let rest for at least 30 minutes.

Roll between your hands to shape smooth golf ball size pieces.

Roll balls out to approximately 5-6 inches in diameter.

Heat a comal/griddle to medium high heat and add tortilla.

Cook each side for 45-60 seconds or until light brown spots form.

As one tortilla cooks, roll out the next one to expedite the process.


To create salsa, combine all ingredients and place in a bowl until needed.

To make Crema, mix all ingredients together into a bowl. Refrigerate until needed.


Smoking duck is easier than you may think. Prepare duck breasts by scoring skin then seasoning with coriander, cumin, chipotle powder and salt. Combine wood chips, chili pods, cinnamon sticks and rice and place on the bottom of a foil pan, fitted with a wire rack. You can also use a roasting pan or cast iron skillet. Place seasoned duck on rack. Place on an outdoor grill or even on your stove top on medium high heat. When smoke appears, cover tightly with heavy duty foil and keep on heat for 15 minutes. Turn off heat, but do not uncover pan for 10 more minutes. When duck is done smoking, remove and place into a nonstick pan over medium low heat. Cook until fat is rendered and duck skin is golden brown. Turnover duck and cook 2-3 minutes on the meat side. Remove from pan when meat is 135 degrees, and sprinkle with brown sugar. Let sugar melt into spicy duck, rest for about 5 minutes. Cut into thin slices.

To serve tacos, place a generous amount of Smoking Duck on your Devilishly Good Tortilla. Top with Orange Cilantro Crema and Angelic Watermelon Salsa. Relax and enjoy with a glass of Casillero del Diablo wine!

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