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Great Snacking Ideas for the Whole Family!

Introducing the newest product in the Challenge Dairy lineup! This month Challenge Snack Spreads made their debut, and you can now satisfy your snack habit with the new Challenge Snack Spreads. Available in seasoned and sweet varieties, these spreads mix and match with your favorite foods for an outrageously snackable experience.

Although all the spreads are delicious, I wanted to share some fun ideas to make snacking easy using the decadent Dessert Snack Spreads. You can now take snacks from fine to fabulous with Challenge Dessert Spreads. They're made with real butter in indulgent flavors that turn anytime into dessert time. If you are here in Phoenix, you can find these new spreads at Safeway in the dessert refrigerated area ( by the pudding, cookie dough...) More stores will be coming soon! Here are some easy ideas for the whole family to make!


Fruit Pizza- Start with a sugar cookie or an oatmeal cookie for the base. Spread the smooth and silky Vanilla Fudge on top. Have fun arranging fresh-cut fruit, or even canned mandarin oranges or peaches. To finish, add a sprinkle of coconut or a sprinkle of nuts for crunch. If you like the Vanilla Spread, wait until you try the other varieties; they all make delicious Fruit Pizzas!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake Bites- Simply spread the Salted Carmel Spread on premade pound cake and top with fresh or canned pineapple. Cut into bite-size pieces. All the delicious flavor of an upside-down cake in a matter of minutes!


Funny Animal Toast- Spread your favorite Dessert Spread on a piece of toast to create a face. Prepare a variety of toppings, and let your family create funny animal faces on their toast. Slice bananas for eyes and ears, strawberries make cute fish fins, and blueberries are great for details. A raspberry makes a adorable nose on an owl or kitty cat, and thin slices of apple or pretzels make cute whiskers. This "kitchen art project" is a delicious way to have fun with your family!

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