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Fancy Pigs in a Blanket


  • 1 package (17.3 ounces) Puff Pastry Sheets, thawed

  • 14 ounces cocktail size chicken sausage or smoked sausage (42 sausages)

  • ¼ cup of Challenge Everything Butter Snack Spread, melted



  1. Thaw pastry as directed on the package. Heat the oven to 400°F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. 

  2. Unfold 1 pastry sheet on the work surface. If pastry sticks sprinkle with flour. Roll the pastry sheet into a 10x14-inch rectangle. Trim a bit off the edges to make sure they're straight. Cut the rectangle into 7 (2x10-inch) strips lengthwise. Cut the entire rectangle into three sections to create 21 strips. Repeat with the second pastry sheet.

  3. Wrap each sausage with a strip of pastry. Brush Pigs in Blankets with the melted Challenge Everything Butter Snack Spread. Place sausages on prepared baking sheets and brush with the beaten egg.

  4. Bake for 15 minutes or until the pastries are golden brown.

Creates 48 appetisers

Chefs Tips:

  • We love the convenience of using the flavor-packed Challenge Everything Butter Snack Spread. If you cannot find it at your local store yet, no worries! Simply combine ¼ cup of Challenge Salted Butter with 1 teaspoon of Everything Bagel Seasoning and use instead of the spread.

  • If you want to be extra special, sprinkle on some grated parmesan cheese or dried herbs before baking.

  • Since we are going fancy, serve this appetizer along with a fancy mustard. Try Dijon, grainy seeded mustard, or even a honey mustard for a nice touch!

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