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Salad on the Grill-YES!

When I have guests over for dinner, I like to introduce them to something different. I like to use new ingredients, new cooking techniques, or interesting flavors from other countries. Cooking and entertaining should be an adventure!

Today I would like to introduce you to something new on the grill. I would like you to try this innovative recipe. It includes charred romaine lettuce, served with grilled avocados and shrimp skewers. A unique salad needs a fantastic dressing. How about topping those charred greens with my version of a homemade Cesar dressing that does not include raw eggs or anchovies? A quick and easy dressing you whip up in the food processor!

It is time to try something new on the grill, get adventurous! Don’t just limit your grill to burgers and steaks; surprise your guests with a modern take on a traditional salad. Make it a dinner to remember!

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