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Sweet Potato Soufflé with Butter Pecan Topping

Let’s just say when I was a young child; I had an “extreme” dislike of sweet potatoes. I am not sure if it was the texture, the taste, or the mounds of marshmallows that where piled high on top of the traditional Thanksgiving syrupy canned potatoes. It wasn’t until I became an adult, that I decided that I was going to conquer my distain for those humble orange spuds!
One Thanksgiving, I was invited I was invited to my friend Kiersten’s mothers house for dinner. I can honestly say her mom has to be one of the best cooks I have ever met. She had made a beautiful roasted turkey, complete with all the trimmings, including a wonderful smelling side dish. Yep, it was a sweet potato casserole! At first I was very apprehensive to taste it, but soon I decide to give it a try. The smell of cinnamon, butter and pecans was quite alluring, it was hard to resist. Everything her mom made was outstanding, how could I go wrong? It took only one bite, and I was instantly hooked on sweet potatoes!
This casserole features a velvety soufflé of sweet potatoes on the bottom. Although it is not technically a classic soufflé, it is still light, creamy and very decadent. The crunchy top layer is full of cinnamon and pecans that provide the perfect buttery topping. I have been making this unforgettable casserole ever since I tried it that Thanksgiving. I have changed a few ingredients through the years, but I still think Kiersten’s mother would approve. If you are looking for something different this year to serve at your holiday dinner, give this side dish a try! Click here for the recipe

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